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E-learning projects require ongoing attention
from qualified resources.

Development of

custom e-learning solutions


strategy consulting

Unsure about the best strategy to achieve your training objectives? No problem — our experienced consultants will help you design an online or offline training strategy adapted to your needs.

Blended learning

In addition to e-learning, Ellicom offers blended learning solutions to help you achieve your goals. From the development of classroom training programs and reference materials to the creation of simulation tools and more, our instructional designers offer a range of tools tailored to your needs.


of e-learning in organizations

Since 2002, we have been helping organizations launch their first e-learning programs. Drawing upon their years of experience, our consultants offer sound advice which results in successful implementation of every project. Taking both the human aspects (communication plan, change management) and the technical aspects (technological analysis, interoperability with existing systems) into consideration, our experts leave nothing to chance.

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